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Dodo is the brainchild of Dominik Lacziko Succhiatti, a 21 year old with an immense passion for music.

Dodo was always fascinated with the beauty of sounds and the charming world of music. He was introduced to arts at a very young age by his mom when they were traveling around Europe, being captivated by Da Vinci’s Last Supper or Michelangelo’s David.

Dodo always dreamed of playing in big bands, in big arenas. He picked up the guitar at 12 and wrote his first song at 13. By the age of 14 he had played his first gig with his band at a school festival. Two years after his first concert he formed his second band ‘Wrepperz’ with some school friends and since then he never stopped.

He was managing the band and played the guitar. They’ve played many festivals across the country, supporting big local names and at that point he decided to pursue a career in music. At 19 he moved to London to study Music Marketing and he started his solo project.

His inspirations mainly consist of Kanye West, Mike Dean, Jay-Z, Frank Ocean and Kevin Parker.

He was learning and growing, he learnt how to play the piano and the basics of marketing then he started to put out his works.

In 2020 he was named one of the most interesting up and coming artist in Hungary by 'KERET'.

Now he is working on some innovating, mind-blowing music for artsy people.

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